All Your Belfast Are Belong To Us


Title: All Your Belfast Are Belong To Us

Medium: Screen Print and painting onto full sheet of 12 mm marine ply.

Size: 8 ft x 4 ft 

This is a VERY large piece. It is currently hanging on a wall inside Vault Artist Studios and I would like to sell this before we have to move.
Ideally this piece would sell to a bar or hotel or to someone who has a massive gaff.
If you are interested in this piece it is probably best to arrange to call down to the studio to see and also collect it as the postman would have a fit if I tried to stick this in the postbox. 

This piece listed is a part of my summer studio sale 2022.

Many of the pieces in the sale are either one off experiments, the tail ends of editions, odd sized pieces that I didn’t know what to do with or even pieces that I made and totally forgot that I had made.

These art works are being sold at a reduced cost for 2 reasons. One is to free up a bit of space in my studio and the other is that Vault Artist Studios is being prematurely evicted from our current site in March 2023 and at the moment of writing we have no future space to move on to. I would prefer not to have to carry these art works on to the next studio space.

Some of these pieces are heavy or odd shaped but that being said I will try to keep the postage costs as low as I can.


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