Stain Head


A good few years back whilst working on The Death of Orpheus exhibition I made this experimental series that combines screen printing with coffee stains.
I screen printed 20 of the walking character onto some heavy fabriano paper and then brewed up some strong coffee, collected together some cups and began the experiment.
The first few prints were quite faint so I added more coffee to the already strong coffee and then added a pile of sugar for good measure. That seemed to work. As the series progressed I got bolder with the coffee stains, adding more cups and more drips so that some of them were so obscured that they made no sense.
I have recently found a few of this series in my studio plan chest and so have decided to put them up on my shop.
Stain Head is a very variable edition of 20 and measures 30 x 34 cm.
Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity and is posted flat.


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