Walk This Way


Walk this Way used to be another painting altogether… I can’t quite remember what it was but it was something that had elements I liked and others I thought were terrible. As is the way with paintings that don’t end up the way that I want them to, this ended up facing the wall so that I didn’t have to look at it and be reminded of everything that has gone wrong in the whole history of things that could, and have, gone wrong.
After a time I turned this piece away from the wall and worked out what was worth keeping and what could be hidden under a coat of poured on paint. One thing led to another (as things are wont to do) and I found the perfect image to screen print over the top.
Walk this Way is a multilayered mixed media screen print and painting and is one of a series of four using this process and screen stencil.
This current one for sale is number 2 in the series.
This piece measures 61 x 61 cm and is painted and printed onto a substrate of heavy 12 mm MDF.
All art works are signed and this piece comes with a certificate of authenticity.



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