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Hello Human

The world is out of whack. Not to say that it was particularly in whack before but this situation is taking the out of whack biscuit to the extremes.

My background in art comes from the fairly apocalyptic visions contained in paperback sci-fi novels, 2000ad comics and b-movies where swarms of flying ants destroy entire cities, and in my work I had always been quite keen to embrace the collapse with a kind of childish glee. If I had known the ‘End of Times’ was going to be as crap as this one I might have given the whole notion a wider berth?

As it stands, I am locked in. But in this this ‘pocalypse I am going to try something different.

Contained in each art work (A3 size or over) there will be an extra cheeky little letter written by a fictional me from a fictional universe where art is going to sort everything out!

I am still a firm believer in the notion that art has a positive and powerful effect on the world that we live in but I think that now is the time to get my head out of the Apocalypses’s arse and get on trying to make the world a better place.

I hope everyone is well and good out there in the real world.

Massive thanks


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Ps: Below are some pictures of new bits n bobs on the site that come with all the bells n whistles and bits added on that will fit in an envelope.

Ps: Some of these will come with a New Weird Order sticker but these are getting thin on the ground so future apologies if your piece doesn’t contain one. I can do nothing against the laws of thermodynamics.