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Life is like a box of crayons

Welcome to 2021 everyone.

We are in lockdown again, probably until spring, when we will emerge from our 24 hour pyjama cocoon as dishevelled butterflies, blinking into the light.

I am quite lucky that the art studio is open for this lockdown, so I have given myself these 2 months to play and rearrange my brain and working habits and think about ways that we can tackle the future and come out smiling and smelling of roses in the end.

With that in mind I have been working on making some colouring in pages! I have an idea to make a full book of weird and wonderful colouring in pictures. But for now here is a free digital download of the ‘Magic Meat Wagon’ that can be saved to your computer and printed out or coloured in using photoshop or procreate.

I will upload more pages over the coming weeks.

Happy colouring one and all!


Magic Meat Wagon