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Adjust your set

Earlier in 2021 me, and 4 other non film making artists, were commissioned to make a series of 5 minute films on the trials and tribulations of being an artist in the pandemic.
The truth be told I had been wrestling and losing fights, with a few art demons so maybe this film would be a chance for me to explore these demons from other angles, get their tactics down, learn how to beat them?

With this film I wanted to create a world where the style of the film mirrored the style of the my art work so that the work could leap off the page and onto the screen. All of the props, backdrops and masks are simple 2 dimensional cut outs that take on another life under the lights.

I don’t want to talk too much about the content of the film except to say that the final film looked very different to the film that I had originally wanted to make.

Adjust Your Set is just the first in what I hope to be a long line of colorful cardboard based films.
Below is a short animation/advert made later in the year using some of the same techniques.