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Printer Says Yes!

The other day I went to print a single page A4 PDF from my printer and the machine did the normal heating up whirring noise dance before it started churning out pages of enigmatic code like it was in the fucking matrix.

No matter how frantically I pressed the Cancel button, the pages just kept coming and would have gone on printing till the end of time (or the end of printer ink) if I hadn’t pulled the plug.

A couple of days later, I realised that the printer hadn’t gone bonkers or started communing with the deep maths of the universe and I had simply sent the document to a printer that wasn’t plugged in and the printer that was plugged in had done its best to interpret the document in the only way it could. It was my fault. The machine was only trying to help.

Seeing this fuck up as a happy accident rather than a massive waste of paper and ink, I decided to over print this drawing on the pages of enigmatic matrix code and use these as a way of raising funds for the up and coming Computer Says No exhibition.

As each page of code is a gibberish known only to my printer then each print is unique. Some code is large and clunky whilst other pages are tight and glitchy whereas on other pages the code only covers half the top or bottom of the page.

I am selling these at the amazing price of only a tenner each which, when they are all sold, should give me enough money to buy some new ink and paper for my printer.

Below are a few examples of the variability of the print and follow the link below for more info.

Many thanks for reading, from me and my printer.