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The Forbidden Emoji: Behind the scenes

Many years back, when our art collective first moved into Vault Artist Studios, I made this street art piece for our first big art festival.
Afterwards I had quite a few inquiries about turning this piece into a painting or screen print but I knew that it would never work in the form I had created it so hid the idea in the back of my head for a later date.
Recently I started work on an experimental sculpture exhibition called What’s He Building in There and the first piece I created for it was a large painting on canvas of the Forbidden Emoji piece.

From there it was a bit of a hop-skip-n-jump to actually getting around to creating a screen print but with a bit of paint sweat and swears I got there in the end.
This is the first proper editioned screen print that I have created in quite a while and am really happy with the outcome even though the process took a few more years than it probably should have done.

For more details on this piece head over to 

And for more information on the What’s He Building in There exhibition head over to