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One More Tune

Last Year I was in a festival, watching the closing act of a band at sundown, when the crowd starting chanting that old favorite ‘One More Tune’ at the same time I had the idea that maybe the band was called One More Tune and that band had only one banger song called One More Tune and the crowd was chanting‘One More Tune’ for the band One More Tune to play their one song One More Tune and we’d all been there forever in this infinite closed loop microuniverse, chanting to the closing act of a band that would never end.

One More Tune…

On Friday just gone I went to see Rare Witch play a short set of his surrealist, hopped up banjo punk (I really can’t describe his music but suggest you check it out yourself) and towards the end of the set there was some confusion about how long the set was supposed to go on for so Rare Witch started the chant ‘No More Tunes’ which brought me back to the thoughts from the paragraph just gone.

One More Tune & No More Tunes collided and collapsed the waveform, allowing the microuniverse to snap out of itself and join the parade of everything on its infinite jolly to the end of time.

The End.