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Fully Automated Luxury Blog Post

Living through this pandemic has made me evaluate the world we live in and spend a bit of time imagining a better future.
For me this involves giant laser cats destroying civilization so that we can go forward and build a glorious dayglow future on the ruins of the past.
Until that time though I will settle with releasing this print to raise money for Anaka Collective, a Belfast based women’s group.
Instead of me trying to write something about the work of Anaka Collective here are some words prepared earlier.

Anaka Women’s Collective is a group of women who use our collective skills to educate, support, advocate, and celebrate each other. Anaka is based in Belfast and is led, predominantly, by women with direct experience of the asylum system. We aim to empower each other and foster community in the face of an oppressive immigration system. Our activities are wide-ranging and rely heavily on the diverse skillset amongst us, currently we organise two community garden projects, 5 English classes per week, afro hair styling workshops, a yoga group, an education project that has been supporting non-English speaking mums with online schooling, training in food production, cooking classes, peer-led advice and support, and a campaign for childcare provision during asylum interviews.

The money made from the sale of these incredible prints will go towards our pottery project which is led by Eiman Haroon, an artist from Sudan and Anaka’s Welfare Coordinator. Whilst in Sudan, Eiman was an activist involved in movements for gender equality and freedom, she was also an active member of the Sudanese Artists Union and Communist Party and worked in areas affected by the conflict in Sudan giving art therapy sessions. In December 2020, Eiman started a pottery club with other members of Anaka and continued this on Zoom when we went into lockdown.
This money will enable us to continue and develop the pottery project project and will go towards facilitation costs, materials, and training.

To read more about Anaka Collective head over here:

And head over here to buy a Fully Automated Luxury Space Cat to help make the world a better place.

Magic Meat Wagon Redux

I thought that I was done with the colouring book pages but a few weeks back I posted the first Magic Meat Wagon on reddit and ended up having a conversation with some reddit folk about how the meat wagon needed a unicorn horn.
I couldn’t get the image out of my head and every time that I looked at the original all I could see was the missing horn.
That is the kind of brain glitch that keeps artists up all night.
It has taken me a month of procrastinating and itching the glitch until finally getting around to adding this final glorious detail.
So right click, download and get colouring!

Feline kinda blue

Here is it, the final colouring page.
Five weeks ago I started releasing these pictures and to me that seems like a lifetime ago. A lot has happened (inversely almost nothing has happened) during those dark winter weeks and I am ready now to face the longer days and this endless pandemic with a bit more surety.
I hope everyone is doing ok out there in the real world and I hope to see some of you, in the flesh as it were, when the sun is higher in the sky.
For the moment though here is colouring page 5.

Ps. Over on instagram I am going to be running a colouring in competition so get your pens ready and head over there for more details.

Flight of the Catigator

My First Sticker Pack

Last year I went ahead and created a collection of 5 full colour, shiny vinyl stickers that all came together in a finished and final pack of joy.
This pack contains 5 stickers that cover a lot of my obsessions from meat wagons to soviet propaganda and Godzilla who just can’t stop wandering into my pictures.
For me this sticker pack is like a miniature exhibition of adhesive art works that can be enjoyed anywhere there is a surface that can be stuck to.
To pick one up for yourself head over here

Phone it in

I hadn’t wanted to release this page of the colouring book just yet as this picture is pretty doom laden and the whole idea of these free colouring pages is to give people a bit of fun over lockdown.
But it is February, right? The Month of Doom? So, what better way to kick off the month than with a doomy colouring page?
Here it is. Doom Scroll. Right click, save as and get colouring.

Doom Scroll.

Colour outside the lines

Here we go again. Part 3 of the magical bumbper fun colouring book of joy.
Today’s colouring page is my favorite so far and I am quite looking forward to getting stuck in and colouring this one.
So, here we go, Catageddon in all of its black and white glory!
Right click, download and get colouring.

The Colour of Monet

Here we go. Part 2 of the downloadable colouring in pages. This time we have a page that is a more traditional pastoral scene, with a mother and child taking a walk among the wonders of nature.
I have been working steadily on these colouring pages and am hoping some time soon to make a book of them but at the moment will keep posting a new one each week up here.
For now you can download these either to print out or colour in digitally. Simply right click and save as and then work away.
I hope everyone is keeping well and weathering this pretty weird winter.
Massive thanks

A Walk in the Park

Life is like a box of crayons

Welcome to 2021 everyone.

We are in lockdown again, probably until spring, when we will emerge from our 24 hour pyjama cocoon as dishevelled butterflies, blinking into the light.

I am quite lucky that the art studio is open for this lockdown, so I have given myself these 2 months to play and rearrange my brain and working habits and think about ways that we can tackle the future and come out smiling and smelling of roses in the end.

With that in mind I have been working on making some colouring in pages! I have an idea to make a full book of weird and wonderful colouring in pictures. But for now here is a free digital download of the ‘Magic Meat Wagon’ that can be saved to your computer and printed out or coloured in using photoshop or procreate.

I will upload more pages over the coming weeks.

Happy colouring one and all!


Magic Meat Wagon

[Insert Smiley face]

Hello Human

The world is out of whack. Not to say that it was particularly in whack before but this situation is taking the out of whack biscuit to the extremes.

My background in art comes from the fairly apocalyptic visions contained in paperback sci-fi novels, 2000ad comics and b-movies where swarms of flying ants destroy entire cities, and in my work I had always been quite keen to embrace the collapse with a kind of childish glee. If I had known the ‘End of Times’ was going to be as crap as this one I might have given the whole notion a wider berth?

As it stands, I am locked in. But in this this ‘pocalypse I am going to try something different.

Contained in each art work (A3 size or over) there will be an extra cheeky little letter written by a fictional me from a fictional universe where art is going to sort everything out!

I am still a firm believer in the notion that art has a positive and powerful effect on the world that we live in but I think that now is the time to get my head out of the Apocalypses’s arse and get on trying to make the world a better place.

I hope everyone is well and good out there in the real world.

Massive thanks


[Insert Smiley face]

Ps: Below are some pictures of new bits n bobs on the site that come with all the bells n whistles and bits added on that will fit in an envelope.

Ps: Some of these will come with a New Weird Order sticker but these are getting thin on the ground so future apologies if your piece doesn’t contain one. I can do nothing against the laws of thermodynamics.


Some years back I wrote down all of the ideas that I wanted to mess around with using the Belfast Meat Wagon as the foundation of the idea.
One of the better ideas was to take over an older butchers shop and to redo it as as FRESH MEAT WAGON shop. This dream has obviously been pushed back a bit due to the current global fuck up but the idea is there and you know, if you build it, they will come to your Meat Wagon inspired art exhibition.

In the meantime, while we wait for better days, I designed the packaging for the shop.

Each of these is hand printed onto A3 corrugated cardboard which is a bit of an arse as cardboard moves a good bit as you print on it. This being said they are all pretty cool and printed to a decent standard.

All the prints come with a THIS WAY UP sticker on the back (images below) and each one comes posted flat in a compostable cello bag.

Many thanks


Link Here:

Belfast Street Art

I had wanted to write a long blog post about the different pieces of street art that I have made in Belfast over the years. It was going to be a witty and inciteful blog post that contained a little nostalgia, a couple of jokes and the odd swear word.
But I can’t be fucking bothered.

Here are some pictures which I think do a decent stand in for the blog post that exists only in my head.

Electric Avenue. Castle Street, Belfast.
The Forbidden Fruit. Vault Artist Studios, Belfast.
Belfast Romances, somewhere in Belfast City center.
Belfast Kitty Hall, Castle Street, Belfast.
One Small Step. Royal Avenue. Belfast.
It’s Not Me, It’s You. Opposite the Sunflower Bar. Belfast.
Freshly Made for You. Kent Street. Belfast.


I have a pile of these sexy New Weird Order stickers to give away!

A free sticker for everyone who buys a print.

While stock lasts… but I suppose that is a given.

Don’t try this @ home.

Hello cruel world!

Earlier this year I decided that it was about time that I had my own website.
It was going to be a pretty fancy site full of interactive elements, free downloads, archived art projects and a fully functioning web emporium full of paintings, odd little print experiments and limited editions.
And then the world went to shit.

Locked down at home with no access to the print workshop or art studio I had to find a way to exist and make art in this new weird order. One of the reasons I got into printing was that I always believed that art should be affordable, something to be enjoyed by everyone, and printing made this possible. With this in mind I sought some help and bought a fancy Oki C612DN A4 printer, a beautiful device that can handle printing onto heavy duty card and art papers.

Armed with this new machine I set about going through old artworks of mine, selecting pieces from my chaotic back catalogue and adapting them so that they work as digital prints. Some of these are from my earliest screen print exhibition ‘The Belfast that Time Forgot’

When I first put ‘The Belfast that Time Forgot’ together I had so little money that I could only afford to create very small editions of each piece and at least once a week for the last 6 years I get an email asking when I am going to re-release some prints from that collection. The answer I guess, is now. It has just come about in a way that I had never dreamed could or would happen. Before the old world fell apart I was working on a couple of new exhibitions and now that these have been postponed or outright cancelled I have started adapting some of these pieces as digital prints too.

Whether art is for activism, entertainment or to just look nice, I still think that, even in these weird times, art is important as it can open a window out of lockdown and help us imagine a positive future that we can build from the good bits of the past. Over the next month or so I will begin to take down my old shop site and migrate everything over to the one but in the mean time my screen prints and limited editions will continue to exist over here

I hope you enjoy this new site and if you have any questions or feedback please don’t hesitate to contact me via the contact page.

Stay safe everyone